Henkako Pay

Please Note: If your electricity is disconnected due to low amount, please recharge at least Rs. 720, this includes re-activation charges as well. (normal recharge will fail to re-activate your connection)

Basic Recharge: Rs. 320, Henkako Charge Rs. 20, Effective value
Rs. 300
Recharge Now
Elite Recharge: Rs. 520, Henkako Charge Rs. 20, effective value Rs. 500Recharge Now
Prime Recharge: Rs. 720, Henkako Charge Rs. 20, effective value Rs. 700Recharge Now
Super Recharge: Rs. 1,020, Henkako Charge Rs. 20, effective value Rs. 1,000Recharge Now

Recharging your prepaid power meter meant standing in a long queue, wasting your valuable time and energy…
Thats history now, Henkako Pay is here to solve your monthly* power recharge problem.

With our easy payment plans, you can recharge your prepaid meters from the comfort of your homes and never have to queue up again! We believe in bringing solutions that makes our customers lives much more happier. Forget about smaller chores such as collecting your bills from today onwards, let Henkako Pay work for you and take care of your miscellaneous tasks such as prepaid power meter recharges.

How Does it work?

It is simple and secure online process.

Step 1: You choose your recharge amount given and pay, mentioning your meter number.

Step 2: We get your prepaid meter recharge code generated and send it to you via mail/SMS.

Step 3: You punch in the code on your meter and its done!